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Just woke up.

Hello everyone. I've been in a coma for seven years...

Actually, the truth is probably even simpler. Life got in the way of my updating the journal like I used to do back in the day. Since the last update, I have earned two college degrees (BS and MS), wrote many a parking ticket, was a teacher for two years, and am now a salesman albeit temporarily (hopefully). I guess I always had time to update this journal, but it seemed like LJ was leaving me a bit as others started losing interest in it. Finally, I left LJ as well. Despite that, I never thought about deleting this journal. It contained so many past memories that are too priceless for a mere click to wipe away. Come to think of it, it's probably incorrect to say that I ever left LJ.

I often look back at this journal for nostalgic reasons, but it never occurred to me to actually do anything active with it until now. I always thought when I wrote here that one day I'd be able to look back at these entries and remind myself of some good times. Surprisingly, I have actually done this on the random occasion. These look-backs often fill me with joy but sometimes sadness. This afternoon I looked back at my user page and found a few old friends that I actually spent quite a bit of e-time with. However, almost all of them have all moved on. Some of them blogged long after I stopped blogging but have since ceased. Some appear to be updating semi-regularly. Several have the heart-wrenching strike-thru across their name, thus making any attempt at reconciliation impossible. One is someone who I still consider myself to be pretty close to although we don't speak to each other for 3 hours a day like we used to in the AIM days. All of this is an amalgam of past memories that are overloading my senses right now. This entry is an attempt to sort them all out.

The last time I blogged regularly was on Myspace. I gave that up in 2008. It was a pretty strange time for me. I never look at my Myspace blog because it contains the tortured memories of a boy being forced to grow up while halfway through college. It is perhaps why I gave up blogging altogether. LJ, by contrast, is filled with mostly happiness. A lot of people didn't have a good high school experience but I look on those times as nothing but positive. I feel lucky to have that to fall back on.

When I look back at this journal, I'm surprised at both how much and how little has changed. I still listen to Sigur Ros although not as much as I used to (that goes for music in general). I bought the new DMB album this year, although I have only listened to it once. I thought it was good, I'm just not as much of a music geek as I used to be. I still listen to U2, Bob Dylan, and the Beatles. I still watch MST3K when I can. Speaking of which, I still haven't watched any of the last four MST3K box sets (which I have) and am planning on starting the Gamera set tonight. I still like movies meant for someone half my age. I've never been more entertained by Addams Family Values than I was a few weeks ago. I could have done another epic blog on Disney World (see June or July 2004) since my family was there again this year. I've been to the beach several more times.

However, some stuff has changed. I've picked up an obsession with Tom Waits. I'm more geeky about film than music these days. My DVD collection is growing at a rate that is difficult to even keep up with. I don't play guitar as much though I still have the equipment and skills. I'm lucky enough to have made dozens of new friends. I moved away from home for a while. I just got a new car. Remember my 2004 Mustang I got brand new for a high school graduation present? Sold it last month and got a Civic. Loving the gas mileage so far. I will miss the Mustang but it was time to move on as eventually happens with most things in life. Oddly enough, I haven't been to Gatlinburg with my family since 2003 (see blog entry on that... July? can't remember). However, I went there with a school trip for one night in 2009.

Anyway, it's time to wrap this thing up for now. Doing this makes me feel a little better about everything. One second ago, I thought about just deleting this text and leaving this journal be. However, I have decided to let it go through and stand as a tribute. I hope that somebody out there will read this. I'd be happy to know that you did!

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