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That was so real. Yeap.

We got rained on at the football game Friday. Badly. It nearly broke my spirit. And also, I'm starting to slip away in Anatomy. I've gotten two 63's on tests so far. Everyone else is doing fine. Why can't I get all that stuff in there? PAH. I'll be well rested this week, I assure you.

Yet another family reunion today. This time it took place in the sticks. LONG way from civilization. We must've drove 15 miles without even spotting a gas station. There was alot of close family there that I could hide with, at least. I find it hard to get on with deep country folk. I mean, what DO we have in common?

'Bama's looking good for this season. Maybe they can actually have a POSITIVE record this year. ;)

Sorry for the lack of updates.
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