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I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!

Ok, I had a nice little break from LJ/Xanga... and now I'm ready to return. Next time I decide to leave for so long... just... slap me or something.

Prom is coming up fast, and I still have no date. I'd rather just not go, really.

Last Friday all us honor roll students got to take a field trip to the mall. Me & Jessie spent nearly 3 hours just walking around doing nothing in particular. It was fun as hell though. I hadn't been in there for forever. They have carpeted the floor and I don't know why. That's just a no-no for a mall. I feel sorry for the guy that has to scrub that floor when someone spills something.

Friday night was spent at my friend Josh's concert. Luckily a whole crowd of Cherokee-ans was there with me so we all had a romping good time. There were a few bands there that I liked. I never understood that hardcore stuff mahself, but whatcha gonna do. Some guys came in the venue and started stiring shit up which was rediculous. We got some peace and quiet by walking through downtown Sheffield at night. Why didn't we get jumped? I will forever ask myself that question. I had to leave somewhat early and didn't get to see Josh's band play. I heard his performance was very interesting. lol.

Until I think of something else... lata. Oh, now I can pimp the John Lennon icon I acquired a few months ago. Yee.
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