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You gotta promise not to say anything...

Hello again. Finally got up the strength to post a new entry. Go me!

GTA:San Andreas finally came in the mail today. It was terribly late, but it's great anyway. Since we're just gonna be working on homecoming at school tomorrow I'm just gonna stay up a few extra hours to play it.

What's happened to me in the past few weeks, you ask? Absolutely nothing.

Hm.. I've been losing sleep like a mofo. I stayed out school yesterday, and even then I didn't sleep for more than 6 or 7 hours. I've been doing well in my first 2 blocks, but I've been seriously slacking in Anatomy and English. I absolutely lucked out on my anatomy test today. Made a 64. I should've made a 30, because I only knew %30 of it. But that's our school system for yah. Big thanks to Mrs. Whisenant for going over every test question each Friday (or in this case, Thursday).

Homecoming tomorrow. Wooooo. Let's get a win!


I promise I'll update more. Hah, I've been saying that alot though.
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