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Many subtle sounds...

I went to the Waldrep/Lauderdale family reunion yesterday (because I'm half Waldrep. Woo!) They gave out a little newsletter thing to everyone, and it had a section telling the history of various last names associated with the Waldreps/Lauderdales. I found this about my last name:

Turberville- English (and claimed by the Scot) First found in 1066 AD in Breconshire, England where they were granted land by William the Conqueror for their assistance at the Battle of Hastings.

I got William the Conqueror on my side, bitch. Here's the history of the Waldreps:

Waldrep- Scottish in origin. Originally spelled Waldrope and means "keeper of the wardrobe". The Waldreopes' kept the Kings' wardrobe and selected his attire in Scotland and England. First found in Scotland where Robert de Warderob witnessed a charter by Countess Margaret of Buchan in 1210. Joseph Wardrope immigrated to Georgia in 1734. It is believed that Michael Wardrope decends from this line.

We dressed up the king! I guess we were the "fab five" of medieval times.
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