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So anyway...

You know what I found kinda strange today? I was watching the Weather Channel today (to get the 411 on the thunder I was hearing outside), and all of the sudden, "You Enjoy Myself" (Phish) starts blasting as they were scrolling through the weather reports. I was like... hmmm cool. Makes me wanna listen to Phish again, but I'm fasting on them until I can finally get "Undermind." (hopefully this weekend).

Today was nice I guess. A day for kicking back. We were supposed to go out and paint the cheerleading stand today in Art but it started raining. Figures. But I got my Pen & Ink drawing done, so I can't complain much. Not a day after we finish presenting our last essays we get assigned another one. 3 fucking essays in the first few weeks of school! It's insane, crazy, rediculous, unnecessary, daft, loco, amongst other things. Oh well.

There is supposed a bonfire tonight for the football game. Who would want to sit around and watch a fire burn? Me, that's who! Hm... I like a cozy campfire as much as anyone, but I don't know what a huge fire like that does for spirit. They have their secrets I guess. ;)
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